The worlds first decentralized mesh hyperscaler

We make finding the right computing power solution easy as Pi.

Enabling tomorrow’s tech with scalable, sustainable computing power and up to a 90% cost reduction.

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  • Up to 70% more cost-effective than AWS
  • Combines PRO infrastructure with GO distribution technology
  • Ability to easily onboard any data center or cloud provider worldwide
  • Exceptional scalability for large enterprises
  • Decentralized mesh network
  • Dynamic resource adjustment & advanced filtering
  • Computing power purely from professional data centers
  • Security at data center level & GDPR compliant
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  • Computing power purely from professional data centers
  • Advanced filter options for preferences
  • Up to 70% more cost-effective than AWS
  • Dynamic resource adjustment & scalebility
  • Dedicated Virtual Servers
  • Security at data center level
  • Software to apply for government subsidies for computing power
  • Hosting & Storage
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  • Private users can monetize computing power from their devices
  • Completely decentralized
  • Based on BOINC - coded by BOID
  • Commercial and user-friendly version of BOINC
  • Payment in NCDT / NUCO token
  • 75-90% cheaper than AWS etc.
  • No specialized hardware needed
  • 10 PetaFLOPS already
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Artificial Intelligence

AI technologies rely heavily on computing power for scaling and training complex models. As demand surges, access to robust computing resources becomes essential for efficiency & innovation.

Data Analysis

The data revolution is upon us and the need for speed has never been greater.
In some cases close to infinite processing power may be required!

Scientific Research

Today researchers need a huge amount of computing power. Cloud computing has the power to change how we do scientific research and its implications are limitless.

Video Rendering

Cloud rendering is an up and coming revolutionary technology used to create high quality video or 3D models as it is much more cost effective than purchasing hardware.


(Highlight/pivotal events) was conceptualized in 2017 by Tobias Adler, Dr. Mathias Wilhelm, and Mike Storm. In 2018 they received support from BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control in Germany), becoming the first blockchain project in Germany to receive public funding. 2020: ICO and launch on exchanges, Partnership with CUDOS, First successful PRO Beta Test, Launch liquidity staking pool, DLR “DigitalJetzt” Grant (2022): The German Aerospace Center (DLR) granted us support, acknowledging the importance of our work in science and technology.


2024 PRO Launch SKYNET Launch
VC Funding for Expansion


Expanding and Enhancing on Multiple Fronts


Building an Ecosystem and Maximizing Customer Acquisition

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Explore NCDT: From ecosystem rewards to sustainable growth

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Key Factors

Customers who pay with NCDT receive a 20% discount on all products. When paying in NCDT, 70% goes to the miner, and 30% returns to NCDT tokens can be bought and sold only on exchanges. The amount is fixed, similar to BTC, and cannot be increased.


There is a token supply of 50 million NCDT that can be bought and sold only on exchanges. The amount is fixed, similar to BTC, and cannot be increased.

Token Supply

50 Million