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The company reserve is 12.5 million NCDT / 25% and is locked in a vesting from our German Token Custodian with a BaFin Custodian License.Circulating Supply is 25 million NCDT / 50%. The remaining 12.5 million NCDT / 25% are for staking pool rewards, marketing, product development & ecosystem development.

Key Factors

Customers who pay with NCDT receive a 20% discount on all products. When paying in NCDT, 70% goes to the miner, and 30% returns to NCDT tokens can be bought and sold only on exchanges. The amount is fixed, similar to BTC, and cannot be increased.


Token Standard

In GO, miners are rewarded in NUCO which can be bridged to NCDT via the pNetwork bridge, then sold on exchanges, and vice versa for customers.

  • NCDT (ERC20)
  • Ratio NCDT to NUCO is 1:1
Contract Address (NCDT)


Block Explorer (NUCO)

How is the company reserve allocated?

The current circulating supply of NCDT tokens stands at 50%, with a planned increase to 75% in the long term to foster greater accessibility and market fluidity. Of the remaining supply, 25% is designated as the company reserve, securely locked in a vesting contract. This structured approach supports essential activities such as marketing, influencer engagement, and the staking pool rewards, underlining our commitment to the project's sustainability and the empowerment of key operations.

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Contract Address (NCDT)

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