Our Journey

nuco.cloud is one of the world’s only publicly funded crypto projects and the only one in Germany. Is evidently pursuing the goal of the federal government’s innovation strategy. Further grants may subsidize up to +50% of raised funding – for even more efficient growth in all areas



  • Idea for nuco.cloud to revolutionize cloud computing and decrease costs


  • BAFA funding (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control in Germany)
  • First blockchain project in Germany to receive public funding


  • Development of nuco.cloud products
  • 2020 ICO and launch on exchanges
  • Partnership with CUDOS


  • Final stage development of nuco.cloud products
  • First successful Beta Test (nuco.cloud PRO)
  • Launch liquidity staking pool
  • DLR “DigitalJetzt” Grant (2022):
The German Aerospace Center (DLR) granted us support, acknowledging the importance of our work in science and technology.



  • First servers successfully created
  • Payment successfully tested with Stripe


  • Internal testings (PRO & CUSTOM)
  • Integrating more payment methods


  • Public launch (PRO & CUSTOM)
  • Testnet of nuco.cloud GO
  • Development of service add-ons


  • Early customer acquisition


  • nuco.cloud SKYNET internal testnet launch

2024 (Q1-Q2)

Launching Major Rebrand: nuco.cloud’s Path to Market Entry and Growth

Embarking on a transformative rebranding to spearhead our market entry and solidify our standing in the global cloud computing sector. Our new brand identity signifies a leap toward extensive growth and influence.We’re changing our complete brand, including logo and website, to match our goal of becoming a global cloud computing leader.

This major uplift is our declaration of propelling nuco.cloud to the forefront, directly supporting our mission to empower future technologies by harnessing the world’s untapped computing power, making innovation more accessible and sustainable.

nuco.cloud PRO VIP Launch

In June, we reached a significant milestone at nuco.cloud: the official commencement of our PRO VIP Pre-Launch. This exclusive phase was not just a crucial step toward our public release; it was a period of vital fine-tuning, powered by real user experiences.

During the VIP Pre-Launch, our VIP partners were the first to dive into and test the cutting-edge features of nuco.cloud PRO. Their access went beyond mere previewing; it was an opportunity to actively participate in shaping the future of cloud computing. The insights and feedback provided by these early users were invaluable, helping us perfect the platform to ensure it meets diverse global needs.

Scaling Operations and Team for Strategic Growth

Fully committed to maximizing customer acquisition through B2B direct-sales by engaging the world’s best sales experts.


Q3–Q4 2024

Launching nuco.cloud SKYNET: World’s first Decentralized Mesh Hyperscaler

nuco.cloud SKYNET represents a significant leap forward, providing cost-effective, scalable, and eco-conscious cloud computing solutions.

Targeting VC Funding for Expansion

We’re planning to seek VC funding to scale our operations, enhance our product suite, and extend our global reach. This strategic move will capitalize on our technological advancements and growing revenue, aiming to accelerate our journey as a leader in cloud computing. Our goal is to partner with VCs aligned with our vision of affordable, scalable, and eco-friendly cloud solutions.

Launch of nuco.cloud PRO: Empowering Enterprise Cloud Computing

In alignment with our strategic rebranding, we’re simultaneously launching nuco.cloud PRO, promising an effective approach to enterprise cloud computing. nuco.cloud PRO leverages professional data center power, offering security and efficiency at up to 70% lower costs than traditional providers like AWS.

With the launch of nuco.cloud PRO, we’re immediately onboarding our first clients, ready to scale their businesses with our computing power.

We have MOUs in place with eager customers, marking a key step in our journey to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses.

This step forward demonstrates our commitment to enabling companies to achieve their ambitions with cutting-edge cloud solutions.

Expanding Data Centers for nuco.cloud SKYNET: A Global Strategy

Expanding our network globally by integrating more data centers, suppliers, and partners is key to delivering scalable, affordable cloud computing for nuco.cloud SKYNET, our flagship product. This initiative ensures access to unparalleled cloud resources worldwide.

This expansion lays the groundwork for transforming cloud computing, making advanced, scalable solutions globally accessible and setting the stage for SKYNET’s success. The goal is to become the aggregator of cloud computing aggregators.

Crafting Customer Success Stories with the First Customers Onboarded for Trust and Global Expansion

As we introduce nuco.cloud PRO to the market, our immediate next step is collaborating with our inaugural clients to craft compelling success stories and use cases. This initiative is pivotal for demonstrating the benefits of our cloud computing solutions, showing significant cost savings, security, and flexible payment frameworks.

By showcasing real-world applications and outcomes, we aim to cement nuco.cloud PRO’s position as a transformative force in cloud computing, laying a solid foundation for our global expansion efforts.

Launching nuco.cloud GO

The launch of nuco.cloud GO marks a pivotal step in our roadmap, revolutionizing cloud computing by enabling users to monetize unused computing power from personal devices.

Pursuing Listings on Top 3 Exchanges

We’re aiming for listings for a top 3 exchange to improve accessibility for our community.

Enhancing Our Product: New Features, Increased Security, and Improved UX for Expansion

The world’s technology improves quickly, we have put ourselves in the position where we change with it improving: New Features, Increased Security, and Improved UX for Expansion. nuco.cloud is designed to stay agile, and we also have the expertise to adapt to any new business/tech demand or market needs.


2025 Outlook: Expanding and Enhancing on Multiple Fronts

  • Further Expansion: Broadening our operational footprint and market presence.
  • Strategic Investments: Leveraging investments to fuel growth and innovation.
  • Team Growth: Enhancing our talent pool to support expanded operations and initiatives.
  • Feature Additions and Partnerships: Continuously improving our offerings and establishing key partnerships.
  • Integration Advances: Streamlining processes and technologies for better efficiency.
  • CLTV Enhancement Tools: Developing tools to increase Customer Lifetime Value, enabling both horizontal and vertical growth.

Our 2025 strategy is designed to solidify our position as a cloud computing leader through comprehensive development and expansion.


Forward Strategy: Building an Ecosystem and Maximizing Customer Acquisition

  • Product Ecosystem: Extending use cases, products, and services for broader horizontal and vertical expansion.
  • Distribution Overhaul: Adopting an aggressive B2B direct-sales approach to maximize customer acquisition.
  • Sales Talent Acquisition: Recruiting top-tier sales experts globally to drive our expansion efforts.

Our focus for 2026-2027 is on enhancing our product ecosystem and adopting a dynamic approach to distribution, aiming to lead the cloud computing industry through innovation and aggressive market penetration.

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